Can I puree my dinner for baby?

May 7, 2021

The arrival of the baby brings new hope to the family, so that everyone is immersed in joy. The growth of the baby is very rapid, which requires parents to pay attention to the baby’s diet. Different stages of the baby’s food food. Babies before 4 months are usually breastfed, but after 4 months, the baby’s diet should be changed. It is necessary to add some complementary foods such as rice flour and fruit puree.

But now the food safety problem is getting more and more serious. Many parents are not worried about buying food for their babies from outside, so they will choose to eat some food for adults to eat for their babies. Then can we make the dinner we eat into a puree for the baby to eat What?

When the baby is about 8 months old, the baby’s diet should be enriched. There should be more types of food. This can help the baby fully absorb more nutrients, and at the same time make the baby better adapt to various foods. Cultivate your baby's good eating habits.

As for whether we can puree our own dinner and serve it to the baby, it all depends on what we eat. If the dinner is made according to our taste, then it is not suitable for the baby, because we The dinner eaten has a high salt content, which is very unhealthy for the baby and will damage the baby's developing kidneys.

But if the dinner we make does not contain other salty ingredients such as sugar, salt or soy sauce, it can be eaten by the baby, but before giving it to the baby, we need to cook the meat thoroughly and remove the bones completely, let alone put it. Some chili and the like can be eaten by the baby after it becomes puree.
When feeding the baby, it is best to take out the amount that the baby wants to eat in advance, and avoid giving the baby the food that the adult has eaten, because the baby's resistance is relatively weak, which can protect the baby to the greatest extent.

If parents find it more troublesome, they can buy baby food directly for their babies. These baby foods are made with high-quality baby food production lines, and the quality can be guaranteed.

The baby food production line produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is of high quality. The whole machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. It is produced in a highly automated production method without manual intervention. It is very clean and hygienic. Thousands of parents rest assured. This production line has very high production efficiency, stable production quality and long use time. It is a very cost-effective equipment. At the same time, our biscuit production line, bean meat machine and bread crumb production line are our hot-selling equipment.

If you want to make a puree for your baby's dinner for adults, you must ensure that no salt and sugar are added to the food, so as to ensure the healthy growth of the baby.

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