Snack Food Production Line

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Snack food extruder machine can be fully automated 24h continuous processing and production of various food products, including breakfast cereals, corn puffed food, pet food, and some casual food.

The equipment consists of a dosing device, barrel, screw, motor and head, mouth die, and other parts of the combination, with very advanced extrusion technology. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and components of internationally renowned brands, with reliable quality and stable operation. It is one of the most important equipment in the Snack Food Production Line. We can also provide perfect after-sales service and customization service. The power of the equipment and the die can be customized, which can provide the greatest convenience for most food processing manufacturers.

Puffing snack Production Line was take the corn flour,rice flour,wheat flour as material , through  mixing, extruding, shaping, core-filling, cutting, baking and flavoring in one-pass operation automatically. By changing the mould and process technology, this line can produce core-filled snacks, like chocolate filled bar, cream filled pillow, rice cake, cereal bar, sheet snacks etc.

Whats The Working Processing Corn Puffing Snack Production Line?

Mixer--- Screw conveyor--- Twin-screw extruder ---Core filler ---Multi-function shaper ---Hoister --- Dryer ---Flavoring line

Whats The Advantage Of The Corn Puffing Snack Production Line?

1.Wide range of raw materials application

2.Flexible collocation

3.Various Snacks

4.Easy Operation.

5.High Automation Degree.

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