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Loyal Food Machinery has 15 years of history. 22 experienced engineers work for us. Their job is to research new machines and design for customers.

Among them, the industrial full-automatic biscuit production line is to produce high-quality soft and hard biscuit, from raw material mixing to finished product automation at one time. Can make soft biscuits, hard biscuits, butter cookies, sandwich cookies, soda cookies, animal cookies, vegetable cookies, butter cookies, etc. The biscuit production line is designed according to customer needs, stepless speed regulation, speed, automatic temperature control, and automatic alarm when power is off.


This automatic Biscuit Making Machine is applied for biscuit/ crispy cake production. This machine is easy operation with the adjustable cutting knife.
Automatic Biscuit Production Line can roll the dough into different shapes and weights. The pressing roller is specially designed to allow the knife evenly cut and easy for replacement.
Besides, Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machines can be equipped with tunnel oven or hot air rotary oven for mass production.
Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Manufacturing Plant can produce Trough toughening ,crisp type forming machine ,can produce hard biscuit, cake biscuit , walnut cake biscuits ,thickness can be adjusted .


Biscuit Making Machine Features
1, PLC touch screen control system to ensure the integrity of the dough.
2, liquid dough can also be deposited.
3, the product weight: greater than or equal to 2g / (adjustable).
4.Product thickness: greater than or equal to 1.5mm (adjustable).
5. Different working width 620mm,1000mm and 1200mm line for option
6. The machine use servo motor drive, more stable performance and position accuracy.
7. Photoelectric detection for biscuits, no biscuit no cream system.
8. Equipment with waste collection system for easy to cleaning and maintain.
9. The material of machine frame is stainless steel.
5. Sanitary design with stainless steel for food contact parts, including eight nozzle depositor, it can be interchanged faster.
6. With the circulation of hot water system, no matter in any environment temperature, cream are not blocked.

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