How cream biscuits are made in factory?

May 8, 2021

Sweet and delicious butter biscuits are one of the most popular dessert snacks. They always occupy a very important position in the biscuit industry and are widely welcomed by the public. After a busy work, or when playing with friends, butter biscuits are the best food to help us relax.

When eating butter biscuits with a cup of fragrant coffee or delicious juice, it can be said to be an excellent match. Butter biscuits are more popular than ordinary biscuits because they have a richer taste, so creamy. How are biscuits made? How does the factory carry out production?

The factory will use a professional biscuit production line when making butter biscuits to achieve high-efficiency and standardized production, which mainly includes four steps: mixing, forming, baking and packaging. As a professional biscuit production line manufacturer, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. summarizes the biscuit making process for you. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Blender
First, put various raw materials such as wheat flour, butter, sugar, fat, and eggs into the mixer. The mixer will achieve uniform mixing and mix all the raw materials into a smooth dough.

2. Biscuit forming machine
The mixed dough is then transported to the biscuit forming machine. The forming machine will cut the dough into the required shape. During this process, we can provide the manufacturer with different molds. Changing the mold can produce various shapes of biscuits, such as Round, square, star and digital cookies, etc.

3. Butter machine
The butter machine can spread the prepared butter on the biscuits, and the butter hopper with heating device can keep the temperature of the hopper.

4. Oven
The finished biscuits will be transported to the oven for baking.

5. Fuel injection machine
The oil sprayer can spray oil evenly on the butter biscuits, making the butter biscuits more beautiful in color and richer in taste.

6. Cooling belt
The finished butter biscuits are transported to the cooling belt for cooling, and after cooling, they can be packaged.

6. Packing machine
The packaging machine can achieve precise packaging, automatic weighing, automatic edge sealing and other methods can significantly increase the packaging speed and packaging quality.

The above are the main production steps of the factory when making butter biscuits. The biscuit production line is an indispensable equipment for the factory to produce biscuits. Our company’s biscuit production line is reliable in quality, cost-effective, and has very high production quality and production efficiency. Widely recognized by manufacturers and enjoy a very high reputation in the industry, the equipment has been exported to Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia and the United States and other countries and regions. In addition, our bread crumb production line, soybean meat machine and feed production line have good sales. .

If you want to develop the biscuit business, a high-quality biscuit production line is essential. Welcome to contact us, and we look forward to cooperating with you!

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