How do I know if my microwave is leaking radiation?

November 29, 2021

China's food processing industry has been in a state of rapid development, and in recent years, with the emergence of microwave equipment, Industrial Microwave Food Proce is in full swing. Microwave equipment improves work efficiency, because the microwave equipment itself has solid technology, and the processed products are not damaged. So in the present day, microwave equipment is widely used, and this trend also makes the microwave equipment products sales are increasingly high.

But the microwave is also radiation, which is known to everyone. If long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the skin may be accelerated aging, reduced resistance, headaches, insomnia, heart rhythm disorders, growth retardation, miscarriage, abnormal fetus, malignant tumors, and other symptoms, so people are very afraid. So how do I know if my microwave is leaking radiation? What are the safety precautions for microwave radiation?

How to detect microwave equipment:

1, Check whether the cooling device of the microwave equipment is normal:

First, search the cooling device to find out the cooling method used by the equipment. If using water-cooled, check whether there is leakage or blockage of water pipes. If it is air-cooled, check whether the fan is intact and whether the fan power supply is normal, and if it is damaged, replace the damaged parts.

2, Check whether the high-voltage capacitor of the microwave equipment is normal:

The parallel resistance value of the high-voltage capacitor is about 10, and the resistance value between the capacitor terminals and the shell should be infinity. If the actual measured value is not consistent with the above data, the corresponding parts should be replaced.

3, Check whether the high-voltage silicon stack of the microwave equipment is normal:

The forward resistance of the high-voltage silicon pile is about 100, and the reverse resistance is infinity. If the measured value is inconsistent with the above data, replace the high-voltage silicon pile. When testing microwave equipment, attention should be paid to the equipment's cooling device, high-voltage capacitors and high-voltage silicon pile is normal. Only when these conditions are searched in place, this capability can bring double the convenience and increase productivity for future use.

The safety precautions for microwave radiation:

1, Precisely calculate the microwave oven door mesh, suction and exhaust ports, and small round holes in the oven lights. These holes, ports can only pass light and air, and encountering microwaves will be reflected back to the microwave.

2, Oven door blocking system, the door around a circle of the special small slot so that the microwave into the slot is reflected by the inner wall of the slot and offset with the incoming microwaves to eliminate microwaves naturally.

3, Safety door latch device, to ensure that all circuits are automatically cut off once the door is opened, as long as the door is not closed tightly, the microwave will never be issued.

4, Reasonable design, installation, use, and maintenance of high-power microwave equipment, strict control of the microwave leakage and radiation level of the equipment itself, long-distance operation, and reduced the operating premises' radiation intensity.

5, Establish rules and regulations and carry out safety education. Before starting work, staff engaged in microwave operations should be educated on safety techniques to master the necessary protective measures and the correct operating procedures, the proper understanding of the impact of microwaves on the human body, eliminate unnecessary fear, and develop a good sense of self-protection.

6, Use personal protective equipment correctly. In high-intensity microwave radiation field operations, we must wear microwave protective clothing, helmets, aprons, and smocks, the use of protective glasses, and protective masks.

7, to strengthen health care, long-term microwave operations should be a regular health examination of personnel and the establishment of employee health examination files.

The above is the detailed answer about how to detect microwave equipment and how to prevent microwave radiation. After reading this article, I believe that you must have a more in-depth understanding of microwave equipment. Nowadays, Industrial Microwave Food Proce is developing rapidly, and microwave equipment is widely used. Everyone should pay more attention to the maintenance and inspection of microwave equipment in daily use to effectively extend the service life of microwave equipment.

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