How Much Do You Know About Pet Food Formulation Process?

January 29, 2021

The pet food machine can make many kinds of fodder for different animal fodder. pet food machine can make pet food and fish feed.  Besides, it applies to the pretreatment of pet food. And then reduce loss of nutrition, advance the protein content. So animals can digest the pet food easier. Besides, the pet-fodder can feed dogs, cats, goldfish etc. At the same time, fish feed can feed the fish, shrimps, crab, eel, catfish, batrachians and so on.

Raw material of pet food machine

Rice flour, corn flour, wheat flour, low temperature soya flakes meal, rice bran , wheat bran, fish powder, bone powder etc.

Capacity of pet food machine

100-150kg/h, 200-250kg/h, 300-500kg/h, etc

Advantages of pet food machine

(1) All models of host can be equipped with computer automatic control system. Touch operation, convenient, simple and safe.

(2) The main machine, feeder and cutting device are all controlled by frequency conversion. At the same time, the feeding is even, the power is strong, and the operation is stable.

(3) The main engine gear box has a forced cooling gear oil pump and an automatic lubrication system. This makes the material mature enough.

(4) A wide range of applicable raw materials.

(5) The screw has good self-cleaning ability.

(6) The screw is special high-quality high-alloy steel. Therefore, it is more wear-resistant, has a longer life and greater pressure.

(7) High temperature and high pressure sterilization is during processing. So it ensures the sanitation and safety of feed products.

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