Kurkure extruder is a device with significant advantages in the food processing industry

November 11, 2021

Now the economic level of the general public has improved significantly, so more and more people are beginning to buy some snack foods to eat. In India, the most popular is Kurkure. Almost everyone knows that it is crispy. The taste makes it a popular food.

We are an experienced snack food manufacturer. We deeply realize that Kurkure has a very broad market prospect. In order to further seize the market, we decided to replace the equipment. In the end, we purchased and used the Baked Kurkure Extruder Machine. Good evaluation, and provided us with a very strong development motivation.

Why choose Baking Kurkure extruder?

  1. The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, with guaranteed quality and long service life.
  2. Using PLC operating system and touch screen for operation, the operation is very simple and the labor cost is lower.
  3. The produced Kurkure tastes richer, healthier, and has higher hygiene standards.
  4. It can be used in combination with a variety of equipment, with flexible matching and convenient use.
  5. With a highly automated production method, the production efficiency is very high.

Kurkure extruder has very high quality. We are very satisfied in terms of quality and production efficiency. The most important thing is that the equipment can be used with mixers, screw conveyors, dryers, seasoning machines, cooling lines and packaging machines. Such equipment is used in combination to form a complete production line.

In the process of using Kurkure extruder, this equipment provides us with great convenience, especially when comparing with our previous equipment, the advantages are more obvious. With the help of this equipment, our production technology level is It has significantly improved, and its competitiveness in the market has increased significantly.

Where does Kurkure extruder stand out over traditional equipment?

The most significant difference is the improvement of production efficiency. Kurkure extruder has a fully automated production method, and the production efficiency is very high. In the same time, the output of Kurkure extruder is much higher than that of traditional equipment. Efficiency is life, and the improvement of equipment production efficiency means that we can accept more orders and gain a broader market.

Secondly, traditional equipment requires a lot of manual intervention in the production process. Not only can labor not guarantee the quality of the products produced, but also the cost is relatively high, and the Kurkure extruder does not require too much manual intervention. Automated production methods can not only ensure quality, but also effectively reduce production costs.

Finally, the Kurkure extruder has a very compact structure and a small footprint. It saves more space and space to use, while the traditional equipment requires a relatively large space and the space cost is also significantly increased.

After comparison, it will be found that the advantages of Kurkure extruder are very obvious and it is more convenient to use. Moreover, the manufacturer can provide us with very favorable prices and services. With the help of the manufacturer, we have purchased the Baked Kurkure Extruder Machine that best meets our production needs, and the Kurkure produced is more recognized by consumers.

Now we have become the industry's leading Kurkure manufacturer through the use of Kurkure extruders. The brand awareness has been further enhanced, and many consumers will give priority to buying our products. We are very satisfied with this cooperation and have become friends with the manufacturer. We hope that the manufacturer can continue to work hard to bring us and the food processing industry more surprises!

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