Large Biscuit Production Line

March 3, 2023

A biscuit production line is a manufacturing process that involves a series of machines and equipment used to produce biscuits or cookies on a large scale. The biscuit production line typically starts with the mixing of the ingredients, followed by the shaping, cutting, baking, and packaging of the biscuits.The biscuit production line can be automated or semi-automated, depending on the size and complexity of the operation. Automated lines involve the use of computer -controlled equipment, including mixers, dough feeders, sheeters, cutters, ovens, and packaging machines. The use of automated production lines helps to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve the consistency and quality of the final product.

The Flowchart Of Large Biscuits Production Process Line

  1. Flour mixer--- 2. Dough cutting machine --- 3. Dough conveyor --- 4. Hard biscuit forming machine --- 5. Soft biscuit forming machine --- 6. Inlet oven conveyor --- 7. Intelligent Temperature Control Tunnel Oven

The Function Of Large Biscuits Process Line

  1. Mixing: Thebiscuit process line first mixes the ingredients to form the dough. The mixing process is automated and can be adjusted to meet specific recipe requirements.
  2. Forming:The dough is then formed into the desired shape and size using molds or cutting machines.
  3. Baking: The formed biscuits are baked in an oven to ensure they are properly cooked and have the right texture and flavor.                                                                                                                            Cooling: After baking, the biscuits are cooled down to room temperature.
  1. Packaging:The cooled biscuits are then packaged using automated machines that can wrap, seal, and label the products.
  2. Quality control:Throughout the process, quality control measures are taken to ensure that the biscuits meet specific standards for taste, texture, and appearance.
  3. Cleaning:The biscuit production line is cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene standards and prevent contamination of the products.

Overall, the function of a large biscuits process line is to streamline the production process, minimize waste, and produce biscuits efficiently and consistently while ensuring high quality and hygiene standards.

The Parameter Of Large Biscuits Process Line

Model Capacity


Finished Biscuit
LY-400 150-200kg/h Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit
LY-600 400-500kg/h Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit
LY-800 600-800kg/h Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit
LY-1000 1000kg/h Soft biscuit,hard biscuit,sandwiching biscuit
We can design according to customer factory and required.

The Advantage Of Large Biscuits Process Line

Increased production capacity Large biscuits process lines can produce biscuits on a much larger scale than smaller production lines. This means that manufacturers can produce more biscuits in a shorter amount of time, which can help them meet demand more efficiently.
Consistent quality Large biscuits process lines are designed to produce biscuits that are consistent in size, shape, and texture. This helps ensure that the biscuits meet the manufacturer's standards and that customers receive a high-quality product every time.
Reduced labor costs Large biscuits process lines are often automated, which means that they require less labor than smaller-scale production lines. This can help manufacturers reduce their labor costs and improve their bottom line
Improved safety Large biscuits process lines are often equipped with safety features that help prevent accidents and injuries. This can help manufacturers improve their safety record and reduce their liability.
Flexibility Large biscuits process lines can be designed to produce a wide range of biscuit types and sizes. This means that manufacturers can easily switch between different products without having to invest in additional production equipment.

Overall, large biscuits process lines offer several advantages over smaller-scale production lines, including increased production capacity, consistent quality, reduced labor costs, improved safety, and flexibility. These benefits make large biscuits process lines a popular choice among manufacturers who need to produce biscuits on a large scale.

Biscuits Products Display

Biscuits are a type of baked goods that are typically small, crisp, and round or oblong in shape. They are often made from a mixture of flour, sugar, butter or shortening, and a leavening agent such as baking powder or baking soda. Biscuits can be sweet or savory and may contain additional ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts, or herbs. They are a common snack food and can be enjoyed on their own or as an accompaniment to a meal.

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