The Development of Artificial Rice Equipment Needs to Break Through Bottlenecks

November 8, 2021

The modern diet is not balanced and it is impossible to ensure that you get enough nutrients from three meals a day, so artificial rice has become a popular food because it is very nutritious and full of trace elements, which can bring many benefits to the human body.

It is because artificial rice is very popular, so the market demand is growing, and at the same time, consumers for artificial rice requirements are getting higher and higher, manufacturers can only improve the production process to meet the requirements of consumers, which requires manufacturers must use relatively high-quality equipment, and the development of artificial rice equipment needs to break through the bottleneck.

In recent years, the Artificial Rice Making Machine has become increasingly well known in the industry and has become a very popular new type of food machine. We decided to use the machine for production after a site visit to the factory and after a period of use, we found the advantages of the machine to be very obvious.

What are the advantages of artificial rice equipment?

  1. The whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel, the quality of the equipment is reliable and the service life is long.
  2. The production method is highly automatic and the production efficiency is very high, which can effectively increase the output.
  3. The use of plc control system, simple operation, the whole production line only 1-2 people can complete the production.
  4. The production process is clean and hygienic, no "three wastes" will be produced, achieving green production.
  5. A wide range of raw materials can be processed and produced to make various types of artificial rice, which is very versatile.

The superior performance of the artificial rice equipment can play a very big role in the actual production, bringing great convenience to our processing and production, allowing us to improve the production process, becoming a leading manufacturer of artificial rice in the industry.

The artificial rice plant consists of a mixer, conveyor, extruder, vibrating sieve, air feeder, dryer, cooling line and packaging machine, etc. It uses very advanced extrusion technology to retain the nutrients in the raw material to the greatest extent possible, while ensuring that the processed artificial rice is rich in taste.

Among them, extruders are divided into single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders. In comparison, twin-screw extruders are simpler to operate, more efficient and have greater output, although the performance of single-screw extruders cannot match that of twin-screw extruders, but they are inexpensive. Both types of extruders have their own advantages and disadvantages, and manufacturers need to choose according to their actual production situation.

In order to meet the needs of more food processing plants, manufacturers have also developed a wide range of different models.

Types and specifications of artificial rice equipment:

Model 01 02 03 04 05
Voltage 380v/Customizable 380v/Customizable 380v/Customizable 380v/Customizable 380v/Customizable
Voltage 60kw 100kw 120kw 200kw 250kw
Materials Food-grade stainless steel Food-grade stainless steel Food-grade stainless steel Food-grade stainless steel Food-grade stainless steel
Output 100-150kg/h 150-200kg/h 170-230kg/h 250-300kg/h 300-350kg/h
Size 1.6*0.7*1.4m 1.7*0.8*1.5m 1.8*0.9*1.6m 1.9*1.0*1.7m 2.0*1.1*1.8m

The Artificial Rice Making Machine has broken through a bottleneck in the development of artificial rice. In the production process can ensure the production efficiency and production quality, the final quality of artificial rice is also recognized by consumers, and the use of the equipment can also produce and process a variety of colours and shapes of artificial rice, very versatile.

The use of artificial rice equipment has further expanded the size of our market, I believe that in the future manufacturers will develop more superior performance equipment, looking forward to our joint efforts, the artificial rice industry can appear greater development!

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