The Models Of Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment And Differences

March 9, 2021

The dog food production line is a new generation of products. At the same time, it produced by our company on the basis of investigating similar products. And then, it combines with the needs of the mass consumer market in my country. At the same time, it has perfect technology, compact structure, novel design, stable and reliable performance. At the same time, the dog food manufacturing equipment from flour to finished products is completed. And then, with high degree of automation. At the same time, simple operation, moderate output. At the same time, energy saving, small area. And then, the investment is only one-tenth of the large-scale equipment. And then, pet feed making machine has the characteristics of low investment and quick results.

Supply Of Medium-Sized Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment Characteristics

Give pet food a unique shape, taste and color. And then, adapt to the ever-developing pet food market with the characteristics of scientific nutritional ratio and easy digestion. At the same time, reasonable structural design, special materials. At the same time, and fast self-cleaning performance ensure the stability of the machine and make it easier to maintain. And then, the operation is simple and easy to learn. At the same time, and the precise parameter control ensures that the product is completed in a specific temperature, pressure, humidity and time. And then, the colorful shapes and tastes adapt to the requirements of various pet foods. At the same time, the pet food production line consists of a powder mixer, a twin-screw extruder, an air conveyor. And then, a three-layer oven group.

The Importance Of Extruder

Extruder is the key to the whole process. And then, it directly affects the texture and taste of the product. At the same time, there are many variables that affect extruder expansion. Such as the moisture content of the material. At the same time, the temperature, pressure during the extrusion process. And then, the screw speed. At the same time, the type of raw material and its ratio, etc. Generally speaking, the moisture content of the material is between 13% and 18%. At the same time, the temperature is about 120~160℃. And then, the pressure is 0.5~1MPa. At the same time, the screw speed is 800~1000 r/min. And then, the residence time of the material in the extruder is 10~20s.

Raw materials with low amylose content will have a high degree after puffed. At the same time, and the puffed effect will be better.  And then, different protein and fat content in the materials also affect the puffed quality. At the same time, materials with high protein content will have a low puffing. And then, when the fat content exceeds 10%. And the puffed rate of the product will be affected. At the same time,  and a certain amount of fat can improve the product's puffing rate. And then, texture and flavor. At the same time, various types and models have not same optimal process parameters for extruder and expansion.

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