What type of corn is used for corn flakes?

June 10, 2021

When we watch some American dramas. We often find this kind of scene: after we wake up in the morning and start a new day. The family will always sit at the dining table. Whether it is adults or children. Pour corn flakes into the bowl. And then Add a little milk and eat it very fragrant afterwards. This seems to have become a classic. And it has become a very common thing to use corn flakes as breakfast nowadays.

Breakfast is very important to our health. Not only can it provide a day’s start-up energy and stabilize blood sugar. But a nutritious breakfast also makes a good start for a day’s healthy and active life and brings a good mood. Eating corn flakes in the morning is a very good choice. It is healthy. Non-greasy. And rich in nutrients. It can make our day full of vitality.

Corn flakes are made of corn flour as the main raw material. Adding sugar. Vitamins. Minerals and other raw materials. Adding a certain amount of water. Then fully kneading. Maturing. Forming. Pressing and baking to flavor the flakes. Among them, corn is one of the very important raw materials. If you want to make delicious corn flakes. You must choose high-quality corn. There are many types of corn. Which corn does the manufacturer usually use to make corn flakes?

What type of corn is used for corn flakes?
The professional technical article in the corn flakes production line with the highest sales in 2021 shows that there are many types of corn. And the corn most suitable for making corn flakes should have the advantages of high yield. Good taste and rich nutrition when making corn flakes. Corn flakes, in a comprehensive comparison. The most suitable corn for making corn flakes is hard dent corn.

Hard dent corn is a type of corn. The plants are taller and the ears are mostly long and cylindrical. The grains are yellow, white, purple and other colors, and they are large and flat. The two sides of the endosperm are keratinous starch, and the top and center are silty starch. When mature, the silty starch shrinks obviously, and the top is sunken like a horse tooth. The hard dent corn has a higher horny endosperm content and high transparency after starch gelatinization. The corn flakes produced in this way will have a better appearance, complete color and fragrance, and can attract more customers.

Nowadays, most manufacturers use hard dent corn to make corn flakes, so as to achieve the quality that satisfies customers. In order to make their corn flakes stand out in the industry, the choice of manufacturers’ equipment is also very important. The equipment can maximize the advantages of hard dent corn, and the combination of strong and strong makes the quality of corn flakes more perfect.

The advancement of science and technology promotes the progress of the food processing industry. The mechanized production makes the hard dent corn have a higher yield and a richer taste. The corn flakes production equipment has achieved a highly automated production after long-term development. In the production process Can give corn a second new life.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional food machinery manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry. The Corn Flake Production Line produced is produced by absorbing many years of development experience and advanced technology at home and abroad. With advanced extrusion technology, the corn flakes produced are of very high quality, rich in nutrition, crispy taste, and golden in color. They are more popular on the market and the quality is much higher than other similar products.

Our Corn Flake Production Line can realize one-time automated production and has a very high production efficiency. It consists of a feeding system, an extrusion system, a cutting system, a heating system, a control system and a cooling system, which can fully meet the production needs of manufacturers. , Can produce many types of corn flakes and other breakfast cereals, with a wide range of applications. The quality is stable during operation, 24h continuous production can be realized, and the failure rate is very low. It is the equipment used by many well-known manufacturers. In addition, our biscuit production line, bread crumb production line, baby food production line and other equipment are also in hot sales.

Breakfast cereals, as a convenient, fast, rich and nutritious food, quickly entered thousands of households. Corn flakes have also attracted the attention of the public and are recognized as a healthy breakfast food. The concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and I believe that the market size of corn flakes will become larger and larger in the future!

We are also working hard for the future of the food processing industry, investing a lot of money in research and development equipment, I believe that with everyone's efforts, the food processing industry will usher in tremendous changes!

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