What Type Of Wheat Is Used For Animal Feed?

April 23, 2021

Animal husbandry is an important industry in our modern life. It is closely related to our life. They are inseparable from the animal husbandry industry.For example,the meat, eggs, milk, all kinds of cow skin products and donkey skin products we eat, and even some combs.If you want to be able to run a good farm, breeding technology is one thing, another is more important is animal feed.

In order to ensure that animals can grow up healthily, relatively high-quality animal feed needs to be used in the breeding process. The main nutrients in animal feed include crude protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, etc. In order to be able to meet the necessary nutrients, in the production of feed raw materials are mainly used by corn, wheat, soybean meal, wheat bran, premix, etc.

Corn and wheat are the most common staples used in animal feed. In recent years, as corn prices have risen or shortages have increased production costs, many producers have turned to other ingredients.The continuous improvement of wheat yield and low price make the application of wheat in animal feed more and more widely. There are many kinds of wheat, so which type of wheat is mainly used in animal feed?

The types of wheat used in animal feed vary largely depending on the region, for example hard red spring or winter wheat is commonly used in North America, while soft wheat is more common in animal feed in Europe.

Wheat contains very rich nutrients.The protein content is much higher than corn. Some varieties of protein content is even twice as high as corn .And metabolic energy is 90% of corn. And these nutrients are very easy to be digested and absorbed by animals.They can be used as the main energy feed for animals.

The use of corn in feed can help animals grow healthily. And it is a good choice for manufacturers. Because it has low price and production cost. Our company can provide cost-effective feed production line for the majority of manufacturers. This production line has a very high production efficiency. And it will not produce the phenomenon of raw material waste. The highly automated production mode can effectively reduce the number of labor. And it can further reduce the production cost.

Our Loyal engineers have effectively controlled the production cost through multiple studies.And they ensure the quality of the equipment. So the price of our equipment is low. At the same time, we can also provide personalized customized services to meet all your needs.

Using this production line can produce a variety of animal feed. we will provide high quality feed formula to maximize the use of wheat. The specific type of wheat to be used depends on the region you are in to decide.

The use of wheat in animal feed in different regions is different.But the effect is very big. And the use of wheat in animal feed will be the new popular trend !

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