Where is extrusion technology used?

May 8, 2021

As a new type of food processing technology, food extrusion technology has a very rapid development. And it is a technology that many manufacturers must use to improve their economic benefits. In the current process of grain, oil and food processing, food extrusion technology. As one of the high-tech modern food engineering.It has attracted more and more attention from many food companies. Especially by food processing companies .It use cereals and potatoes as their main raw materials.

Food extrusion technology uses the combined effects of moisture, heat, mechanical shear, pressure, etc. In oder to suddenly release the raw materials in the high temperature and high pressure state to the normal temperature and pressure state.It is also the process of changes in the internal structure and properties of the materials. Many manufacturers have introduced food extrusion technology to produce a variety of different cuisines. So where is the food extrusion technology applied?

Food extrusion technology is widely used. One is to use snack food extruders to produce various types of snack foods with corn and potato as raw materials.

The second is to use an extrusion extruder to produce structured protein foods with vegetable protein as raw materials. It is also called vegetarian meat and vegetable meat. Compared with animal protein, it has low price.And it no cholesterol, long shelf life, easy coloring, Easy to add fragrance and flavor etc. advantages.

The third is to use cereals, beans or potatoes as raw materials.They are made into staple food after puffing.

Fourth, food extrusion technology can be applied to the brewing industry.Such as the use of extruded raw materials to produce vinegar.The raw material output rate can be increased by 40% to 50%.And the amount of yeast and koji is also effectively reduced.And the fermentation time is shorter than traditional processes. About 10 days.

Fifth, extrusion technology can squeeze and process feed protein resources such as soybean meal, fish meal and feather meal.As well as feed materials such as chicken manure, animal offal waste.And certain agricultural and sideline products to produce nutritious animal feed.

With the continuous in-depth research on food extrusion technology, its application fields are also expanding.And the market demand for related extrusion equipment is also increasing. The snack food extruder is now a very widely used extrusion equipment. For one, snack foods are also one of the most in demand extruded foods.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional food machinery manufacturer with a very deep research on food extrusion technology. The bean meat machine, feed production line and snack food extruder all use food extrusion technology. The equipment has very high production quality and production efficiency. And it has been well received by manufacturers.

Our snack food extruder is reliable in quality, long in use, and has a very low failure rate. The manufacturer can use it forever after a single investment. We will provide solutions for any subsequent problems.Because we know that our customers are our long-term development. In addition, the snack food produced by this equipment is of very high quality and has strong competitiveness among similar foods.

Food extrusion technology is widely used. With the progress of scientific research, I believe that food extrusion technology will bring us more surprises!

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