Why is extrusion technology used?

May 8, 2021

The development of science and technology has caused great changes in various industries. Mechanization has become the standard in all walks of life.And the same is true in the food processing industry. The most popular food processing technology is extrusion molding technology. The emergence of extrusion molding technology has brought many surprises to our lives. For example, various unexpected foods such as puffed food and soy meat make our lives richer. Colorful.

Food extrusion molding technology has become an effective tool for manufacturers to improve economic efficiency. And various extrusion molding equipment have also emerged to provide high-quality production for major manufacturers. What is the charm of extrusion molding technology to make it effective? Occupies such an important position in the food processing industry?

Food extrusion technology is usually carried out in a twin-screw extruder. When the loose food material enters the barrel from the feeding hopper. As the screw rotates, the material will be pushed forward. And at the same time, it will be subjected to the resistance of the machine head. The raw material will be compacted. In this process, the raw material will be heated by the outside of the barrel and the friction heat inside the machine will begin to melt. The raw materials are cooked, and a series of complex biochemical reactions such as starch physico-chemical, fat, protein denaturation, etc. appear.Finally they are uniformly extruded through the die of the machine head to make various types of food.

For most food extrusion processes, the moment the food is squeezed out of the die from the barrel, the pressure suddenly drops, and overheating makes the water in the food abruptly vaporized and ejected. It causes many micropores to burst inside the food, and the volume immediately Swell several times and become puffed food.

The food produced in this way can retain the nutrients of the raw materials to the greatest extent without browning. It makes the produced foods rich in nutrition, tastes very good, and looks very attractive in appearance. So more and more Of manufacturers began to use food extrusion technology.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. has a profound research on food extrusion technology. The snack food extruder produced by it has applied the food extrusion technology very well, and the equipment has reached the leading level in the industry. The food received very good feedback from customers in terms of taste and nutrition.

Not only that, in order to allow manufacturers to reduce costs, our snack food production line can achieve highly automated production. The equipment covers an area, the failure rate is low, and the operation is simple. Ordinary workers can complete the production. For manufacturers, it means that it can be achieved. With the improvement of economic efficiency, our soybean meat machine, biscuit production line and bread crumb production line also enjoy a very high reputation in the industry, and the quality is very reliable.

Food extrusion technology is a symbol of the progress of the food processing industry, and it is also the key for modern food processing manufacturers to increase profits. If you have other needs, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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