Can a 1 year old still eat baby food?

May 20, 2021

The baby’s diet is very important. And it is of great significance in the growth and development of the baby. As the baby continues to grow. Breast milk can no longer provide sufficient nutrition for the baby. Therefore, some supplementary foods should be appropriately added to the baby to meet the baby’s needs. Needed for growth. When babies try food for the first time, they should choose mud-like food. It can better promote the baby's digestion and absorption.

When the baby starts to add supplementary food at 4 months. The use of mud-like food will not make the baby get stuck. At the same time, the mud-like food is very easy to swallow before the baby’s teeth grow out. It is a very good thing before the baby eats solid food. Transition.

Since the food that babies come into contact with is mud-like food at the beginning, they prefer to eat this kind of food. This also makes some mothers eat mud-like food for their babies for a long time. Is this correct? Can a baby eat puree food when he is one year old?

In fact, puree food is only suitable for babies aged 4-6 months. After the baby is 6 months old, the thickness of the puree food should be changed, and the graininess in the food should be gradually increased until it becomes solid food. Feeding the baby mud-like food at the age of 1 will affect the baby's development.

I believe that many parents will find that some babies have grown teeth but still don’t eat solid foods. When they encounter foods that need to be chewed by themselves, they will vomit out and stop eating. Many children will not eat by themselves when they are three or four years old or even when they are in kindergarten. , The chewing ability is very poor, which is mostly caused by long-term eating of pureed food.

Eating puree food for a long time will make the baby lack of chewing exercise, which will make the baby miss the critical period of developing chewing ability, which may cause the baby to have obstacles in chewing food, leading to malnutrition, anemia, and picky eaters.

Therefore, it is not only that 1-year-old babies cannot eat mud-like food, but the concentration of mud-like food should be changed after the baby is 6 months old. Long-term consumption of mud-like food is not good for the baby. 
But in the baby 4-6 months old, mud-like food is the best choice, which can allow the baby to absorb various nutrients safely and healthily. The quality of mud-like food can also completely relieve parents. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd.'s baby food production line will provide you with the highest quality baby food.

Our baby food production line has very reliable quality, stable operation, low failure rate, convenient operation and maintenance, and low investment. The manufacturer can obtain the highest return with the lowest investment. The baby food produced is nutritious, clean and hygienic, which can make countless mothers. Peace of mind. In addition, the quality of our bread crumb production line, soybean meat machine and feed production line have reached the world's leading level.

Muddy food is a good transition for infancy, but it cannot be eaten for a long time. If a 1-year-old baby still eats muddy food, it is recommended to eat it occasionally. It must not be eaten every day. Only by cultivating the correct diet can the baby be healthier. Growth.

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