Can I throw chicken feed on the ground?

May 10, 2021

As a kind of poultry, chicken brings a lot of convenience to our lives. Chicken, eggs, etc. are high-quality foods that we cannot live without. Therefore, chicken breeding is now very common. In order to allow chickens to grow better, chicken feed is the best choice. It is also the feeding method that most farmers choose.

We can often see this kind of clip in TV series: a woman carries a pot full of chicken feed, then grabs a bag and sprinkles it gently in the yard. After that, five or six chickens will swarm to snatch it. Chicken food. Such video clips have caused a misunderstanding for many people.It makes them think that chicken feed should be sprinkled on the ground when feeding chickens. Is this really the case?

The answer is of course not. Although the scenes in the film and television clips are very beautiful and full of life. There is always a gap between ideals and reality. In real life, most chickens are raised in captivity during the breeding process.And few are free-range. For such chickens that are not free-range.They must not be sprinkled on the ground when they are fed chicken feed.

Especially in some large farms, when the chickens are kept in captivity, it means that they are in a very small space. It also means that the chickens will live with their feces. If the chicken feed is sprinkled on the ground at this time, it will Make the chicken's dietary conditions very unhygienic, which will lead to parasitic infections and the spread of some other diseases. At the same time, sprinkling chicken feed on the ground will also cause a certain amount of waste, which is very undesirable.

Therefore, when feeding chickens, you should not sprinkle chicken feed on the ground. It is best to feed the chickens with trays or feeders, so as to maximize the effect of chicken feed and supplement sufficient nutrition for the chickens. Cause waste.

Only by choosing high-quality chicken feed and reasonable feeding methods can the chickens grow healthier, and if major manufacturers want to make high-quality chicken feed, the choice of feed production line is very important.

The feed production line produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. has a strong market competitiveness. The whole machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the quality is very reliable. It has a long time of use. The manufacturer can use it for a lifetime. The convenience. In addition, the production line has a very high cost performance, and the quality is at the top level among similar equipment, but we can give the lowest price in terms of price, so that more manufacturers can benefit from it.

Using the feed production line can produce high-quality and cheap chicken feed, allowing manufacturers to gain more market competitive advantages. In addition, our bread crumb production line, biscuit production line and baby food production line are waiting for your purchase.

When feeding chickens, you must choose a clean and hygienic feeding method. It is not advisable to sprinkle chicken feed on the ground. It is better to use trays and other containers to hold it!

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