How do you manufacture corn flakes?

June 10, 2021

I don’t know since when, breakfast cereals have become one of the most popular breakfast foods. In fact, most people are constantly running around for life. It is very common to have no time to eat breakfast in the morning. And breakfast cereals are convenient and nutritious to eat, so they will be accepted by the public.

Corn flakes is a kind of food with a wider audience among breakfast cereals. It tastes crispy and has a very mellow corn flavor. If it is eaten with milk, it will not only be nutritious but also have a great taste. Corn flakes and milk can Said to be a perfect match. In addition, corn flakes are very suitable to be eaten in the office, and there is not much taste. Even if you rush to work in the morning, you can still have a delicious breakfast in the office and start a day full of energy.

Small corn flakes have a very big advantage. There are more and more people who like corn flakes, but many people do not understand the production method of corn flakes. What kind of processing method can corn be used to turn into corn in our hands. Where's the film?

How do you manufacture corn flakes?

The professional technical article on the three most superior corn flake production lines in 2021 shows that in order to ensure that the corn flakes produced are of very high quality, manufacturers usually choose the Corn Flake Production Line with a relatively high cost performance for production. The corn flakes are specific The production process can be understood according to the equipment of the production line.

With the vigorous development of science and technology, the food processing industry has developed rapidly. In the fiercely competitive food processing industry, efficiency is everything. The highly automated production line is the most recognized equipment by the manufacturer. The specific production process includes: mixed ingredients →Twin-screw extrusion maturation→cutting and forming→pre-drying→tabletting→high-temperature baking→corn flakes→packaging.

Let's learn more about how corn flakes are produced from the specific equipment:


The main function of the mixer is to evenly mix the raw materials of corn flakes: corn flour, sugar, salt, water and other mixed raw materials together. In order to produce corn flakes with rich taste, manufacturers usually choose specific varieties of corn. There will be differences in the taste of corn flakes made from corn.


The conveyor can convey the dough that has been mixed to the extruder. During the conveying process, it can realize high-efficiency transportation, clean and hygienic, horizontal transportation and multi-angle transportation can be realized.


The extruder allows the mixed dough to be squeezed and cooked, and it can produce the shape required by the manufacturer according to the mold. There are many mold options. You can produce round, triangular, star-shaped or even spherical shapes by replacing the mold. corn flake.


The dryer can dry the prepared corn flakes, so that the moisture in the corn flakes is quickly reduced, making it crispy and delicious.

Sugar fog machine

The main function of the sugar mist machine is to evenly spray some syrup, chocolate or honey on the corn flakes, so that the taste of the corn flakes becomes richer. This step is optional, and it is completely possible not to spray sugar.


The corn flakes sprayed with sugar need to be dried again to dry the sugar on the surface and make the corn flakes crispy.

Packing Machine

The last step is packaging. The packaging machine can be used to complete automatic weighing, bag making, inflation and edge sealing operations, with high precision, small errors, and very high packaging efficiency.

The above is all the production processes of the factory to produce corn flakes. The production line composed of the above equipment can realize one-time automated production with very high efficiency. The entire production process does not require redundant manual intervention, and only 1-2 people can complete the production. To ensure the hygienic quality of production, it can also effectively improve production efficiency.

The Corn Flake Production Line produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is the equipment used by major well-known manufacturers. The entire production line has a small area, high production efficiency, stable production quality, low investment, and high return, which can help Major manufacturers are rapidly expanding market scale and improving economic efficiency. We can give the lowest price and provide manufacturers with the most cost-effective equipment, and win-win cooperation is our goal. In addition, the biscuit production line, bread crumb production line and soy meat machine and other equipment all have very high quality.

Although the production process of corn flakes is complicated, automated production can be completed by using production lines. Technology is the primary productive force. I believe that under the impetus of technology, the food processing industry will usher in greater development!

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