How Many Times a Day Should I Feed Solids To My 4 Month Old?

April 22, 2021

Since many people are first-time parents, they are often overwhelmed when it comes to taking care of their babies. Especially when it comes to their babies' diet. Babies grow very quickly and surprise parents almost every day. And so does the baby's diet.

Different stages of the baby’s growth require different diets. At the time of birth, the baby can only drink breast milk and some formula milk powder. When the baby grows up to a certain stage. He can eat some other foods. At this time, some mothers have issued this question: How many solid foods should I give my 4-month-old baby a day?

This is a topic worth discussing, let's take a look together.
The answer to this question requires parents to have a good understanding of the changes in the baby's diet.

Newborn babies can only drink breast milk. Breast milk contains very rich nutrients that can meet the nutritional needs of the baby's growth. When the baby is 4 months old, in order to exercise the baby's chewing ability and cultivate good eating habits, it is necessary to add some puree foods, such as fruit puree, vegetable puree, and baby rice powders.

At this time, 4-month-old babies are not allowed to eat solid food, because at this time the baby does not have teeth and can’t chew. The main reason for eating puree is to exercise the baby’s chewing ability. If you give solid food to your baby at this time, The risk of suffocation can easily occur. In order to keep the baby from crying, many parents choose to give the baby a piece of fruit and let it taste slowly. This is very undesirable. Solid food will cause the baby to get stuck in the esophagus and bring life danger.

Baby rice powders are the best choice at this stage, and they are nutritious and convenient to eat. Our Loyal company provides professional baby rice powder production lines and high-quality formulas to help manufacturers gain a broad market with the highest quality baby rice powders. The production line has high production efficiency, high cost performance and very high superiority. We can also provide customized services. If you have some special needs, please contact us and our professional engineers will provide you with customized services.

When the baby is 4-6 months old, some puree food should be added to the baby’s diet. When the baby can raise his head and consciously snatch the food from the parents, he can eat some solid food. For safety reasons, it is best to give your baby solid foods when there are adults around, and only when your baby is about 1 year old can you safely give your baby solid foods.

Therefore, the 4-month-old baby cannot eat any solid food, which is very unfavorable for the baby. At this time, puree food such as baby rice powders will be more suitable!

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