How Our Soya Meat Making Machine Works

November 5, 2022

The soybean meat making machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable, anti-corrosion and easy to clean. The machine is mainly composed of the hopper, feeding device, extruder screw and other parts. The extrusion process includes extrusion and cooling. The high quality of the product depends on the quality of raw materials used in production and the configuration of equipment.

The soybean meat machine is mainly composed of feeder, extruder, die head and other components. The extrusion process includes extrusion and cooling. The quality of the final product depends on the quality of raw materials used in production and the configuration of equipment

First, you mix together the soybeans and water, and put this mixture into a cooking pot.

The Soya Meat Making Machine is a new type of food processing equipment, which combines the features of meat making and soybean making. It can be used to make various kinds of meat products like sausages, ham, bacon and so on.

The Soyameat Making Machine consists of one mixing tank, one cooking pot, one frying pan and one slicing machine. The mixing tank is used for mixing the raw materials together with water. After the mixture is transferred into the cooking pot, it will be cooked by steam from below. Then it will be transferred into the frying pan for frying until it changes color from white to yellowish brown. Finally it will be sliced by the automatic slicing machine into pieces according to your requirement.

How Our Soya Meat Making Machine Works

How Our Soya Meat Making Machine Works

While the water is heated in the cooking pot, you grind up your ingredients.

The water temperature is controlled by a thermometer and the temperature can be adjusted according to the need. When the temperature of the water reaches about 80 degrees Celsius, put in your meat and keep stirring until it is cooked completely. After that, pour out all the water from your meat and place it on a bamboo basket. Press down with your hands to squeeze out as much water as possible from the meat.

After that, place your meat on a clean cloth and flatten it with a rolling pin until it becomes flat and thin. Then roll it up like a spring roll and cut into small pieces about 1 inch wide. Put them back into hot water again for another round of cooking before removing them once more and draining them well over a colander before serving them up hot!

This mixture of ground ingredients should then be poured into a mixer with the cooked soybeans.

The mixing machine can be used to mix up to 20kg at a time, and it is important that everything is well mixed together.

After this, the mixture will then be placed into a machine that presses out all of the excess water from the mix. This ensures that the finished product has a consistency that is similar to meat and not too sticky or wet.

The mixture should then be poured onto a conveyor belt, which will move it through an oven at around 70 degrees Celsius for around 20 minutes. This high temperature helps to kill off any bacteria in the product so that it doesn’t spoil or go bad when it is stored after being cooked.

The next step is to cool down the Soya Meat Making Machine before packaging it up ready for sale or consumption by customers who want to try something new with their diet!

After it's mixed well, the mixture is pressed through a filter to remove extra liquid.

The soya meat making machine is a special equipment used to produce soya meat by pressing the mixture. The soya meat is made up of two parts: the soya bean protein and the soya bean oil. The mixture can be pressed with a screw press or hydraulic press machine.

The material goes into the soya meat making machine through a hopper. The raw material will be mixed with water and emulsifier in the mixing tank. After mixing well, it's pressed through a filter to remove extra liquid. Then it will be dried and cut into small pieces for further processing

The next step is to steam it until it's dried out, which takes about thirty minutes or so.

Drying the meat is important for two reasons: it makes the meat easier to grind and reduces the moisture content of the final product. This improves its texture and makes it less likely to spoil.

The drying process begins with a grinding machine that breaks down the soybean into small chunks. After this, a roller press compacts the chunks into pellets that weigh about one kilogram each.

Once it's steamed, it should be cool enough to work with.

You can use a knife to chop the soya meat into small pieces. The texture of the soya meat will become soft and chewy after steaming.

You can then start shaping and cutting your meat into pieces (if you want).

This machine is very easy to use and is ideal for producing a variety of different types of soya meat products.

The Soya Meat Making Machine is a professional food processing equipment with advanced technology, which can be used to produce various kinds of food products, such as sausages, pastries, etc. The machine uses high-quality imported components. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the stability and reliability of all processes.

You should then cool off the resulting "meat" in cold water before frying it or adding it to any recipe.

The Soya Meat Making Machine is based on the principle of extrusion technology. It uses high pressure to process and shape the raw materials into various shapes such as meatballs, sausages and other processed products. It can also be used for making fish paste and chicken nuggets, etc. The main parts of this machine are the feeding system, extruder barrel, screw shaft, mixing chamber, cutter head and control system.

If you want to make veggie burgers or similar dishes at home, this machine will make your life much easier!

The Soya Meat Making Machine is designed to process soya beans into ground meat products, such as soya patties and sausages. It can also be used to grind other types of raw materials, including wheat flour, corn flour and tapioca flour. The machine uses a double-roller extrusion process in which the raw material is first extruded through a die with a circular opening. This results in a long sausage shape that is then cut into smaller pieces using blades on each side of the machine. This process ensures that all parts of the product are evenly cooked when cooked later on.

We have worked hard and spared no effort to design a perfect machine for making Soya meat so that you can enjoy it as soon as possible. And now we proudly present the machine to you. Now you know how it works, let's go eat some delicious Soya meat.

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