How potato chips are made step by step?

February 20, 2021

Potato chips are widely loved by the public as a snack, and no one can resist the temptation of potato chips. Potato chips are a kind of snack made from potatoes. It is crispy in the mouth and rich in taste. Once you eat it, you can’t stop. Whether it's a casual drama or a wild meal, potato chips are a good choice, and they are also available on the market. All kinds of potato chips have appeared, and the demand is increasing day by day.

Potato chips are very delicious, but how are they made?

The potato chip production line is usually used in the production of potato chips in the factory, which not only has high production efficiency. But also produces a more balanced and uniform taste. The production method is also very simple. Only the following steps are required:

1. Choose fresh potatoes as raw materials and clean them to remove sludge before processing.
2. Put the cleaned potatoes into the peeling machine to peel them, and then wash them after removing the skins to wash away the remaining dirt and the skins sticking to the surface of the potatoes.

3. The potatoes that have been peeled and cleaned are transported to the inspection table, and potatoes of suitable size are selected and waited for the next operation.
4. Transport the selected high-quality potatoes to the slicer and cut them into slices of a certain thickness as required.
5. Next, the potato chips are cleaned to remove the starch to prevent them from sticking together. After cleaning, the potato chips are transported to the blanching machine for blanching.
6. The potato chips after blanching will contain a lot of water. At this time, the potato chips need to be transported to a vibrating screen with strong wind to dry the water on the potato chips.

7. The blow-dried potato chips are transported to the frying machine for frying, which can effectively reduce the moisture content of the potato chips from 80% to 2%, so that crispy and delicious potato chips can be obtained.
8. After the fried potato chips are drained, they can be transported to the drum seasoning machine for seasoning. At this time, a variety of different flavors can be selected to meet different market needs.

The above is the complete production process of potato chips. It is very simple and efficient to use the potato chip production line. The fully automated production method only needs to set the program in advance to complete the operation. The taste, size and shape of the potato chips can be selected. , The application range is more extensive.

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