Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Chicken Feed?

April 29, 2021

The demand for poultry in our daily lives continues to increase. Chicken, duck and various eggs have become essential foods for us to supplement our body's nutrition. Therefore, the breeding of poultry is becoming more and more common. In rural areas, many families raise a few chickens or ducks to meet their daily needs. Of course, there are also many farms that raise a large number of chickens. Regardless of the feeding method, poultry feed is a necessity.

If you want chickens and other poultry to grow well, you must use a balanced and comprehensive poultry feed. But the price of this kind of feed is often expensive and cannot be accepted by most people. Therefore, many breeders choose to make their own chicken feed. Is it cheaper to make chicken feed yourself?

Of course the answer is yes!

In the process of raising chickens, feed is a very important part. Today, when the price of raw materials is rising, it is a good way to reduce costs if some cheap and easily available raw materials can be used to make chicken feed. Moreover, if you make your own chicken feed, you can adjust it according to the needs of the chicken in time, and you can also adjust the raw materials according to the season. The economic pressure will be much less. It's also fresher for chickens.

The easiest way to prepare chicken feed is to use corn + soybean meal + mineral premix. But the price of this formula is usually higher. If you want to reduce costs, you can use cheap bran and inferior flour instead of corn, or use cottonseed meal and rapeseed meal instead of soybean meal. But it's worth noting that you can't just try to be cheap. It is also necessary to ensure the basic nutritional requirements of chickens, and to maintain the lowest energy concentration and crude protein content.

If synthetic amino acids are added to the formula to balance the amino acids in the diet, the formula will reduce the crude fiber protein by 2%. Thereby reducing the use of more expensive protein feeds, such as soybean cake (meal), fish meal, etc., thereby reducing costs.

For large-scale breeding farms, buying feed production lines by yourself will be the most cost-effective thing. Our company can provide you with high-quality feed production lines. The entire production line adopts a highly automated production method without manual intervention. For farms, it can effectively reduce costs. Moreover, the chicken feed produced is no different from what is purchased on the market, and it is very worthy of everyone's use. If you are interested, please contact us.

Making chicken feed yourself is an effective way to reduce costs. But it must be noted that chicken feed requires diversification. Pay attention to feed palatability and toxic substances. Achieve a reasonable mix of various feeds to play the complementary role of various nutrients and improve the utilization and nutritional value of feeds.

If you are having a headache for expensive feed, please contact us. We will make the most comprehensive guidance for you!

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