Top 5 Reasons To Build A Fried Snack Production Line

October 28, 2022

Snacks are a favorite food for many people around the world. The demand for snacks is increasing due to their high nutritional value and zero waste. Snacking is one of the fastest growing sectors in the food industry, providing employment to millions of people.

Snacks can be roughly divided into three categories, namely fried snacks, baked snacks and puffed snacks. There are many companies producing different types of fried snacks, but very few companies have a dedicated line of fried snacks. Setting up a separate fried snack line can help you achieve maximum productivity and quality control.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should build a Fried Snack Production Line.

Customers' demands for better products and packaging are constantly increasing.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have developed a production line for fried snacks. This machine is used in fried snack food production line, which can produce fried snack food with high quality and good taste.
The fried snack production line is mainly composed of four parts: raw material feeding part, extrusion part, dry frying part and cooling packaging part. It uses a screw extruder to process corn flour, potato starch, wheat flour and other raw materials into gelatinized starch granules or puffed snack base material mixture. Afterwards, it goes through a drying process such as microwave drying or hot air roasting to remove moisture from the product before the frying stage. The snack then goes to the frying stage, where it is fried in oil at the right temperature until crispy, then cooled and packed into bags or cartons for sale or storage.
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Top 5 Reasons To Build A Fried Snack Production Line

The market share of traditional fried snack products is declining, while consumer preference for crispy snacks is increasing.

Therefore, it is necessary to make crispy and deformed snacks to meet the needs of consumers. The fried snack production line is a production line that can make fried snacks by frying raw materials with high oil content and low water content.

The fried snack production line has two modes: single-layer frying mode and double-layer frying mode. Single-layer frying mode, frying one layer of ingredients at a time; double-layer frying mode, frying two layers of ingredients at a time. In addition, according to the different requirements of customers, the production line can also process different kinds of raw materials.

The production volume and variety of single-type fried snack production lines are increasing, which means that labor costs are rising rapidly.

In recent years, many companies have replaced labor with automated equipment in order to reduce costs.

The fried snack production line adopts a continuous production method, which can produce different kinds of fried snacks at the same time. From raw materials to finished products, the whole process of frying snacks is automated. It saves human resources and reduces labor intensity.

The fried snack production line consists of a feeding system, a frying system and a product conveying system. Feeding system includes hopper and conveyor; frying system includes oil heating device, filter device and frying tank; product conveying system includes discharge conveyor and water washing machine (optional).

Labor is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain and retain in the food manufacturing industry, resulting in increased costs and intense competition among employers for prime candidates.

Labor shortages have been a problem for years and are expected to continue through 2024. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the U.S. has 2.6 million job openings for which employers cannot find enough qualified workers. The food manufacturing industry is no exception, as it faces its own unique labor challenges due to its reliance on skilled labor that is in high demand from other industries as well as a need for more automation for efficiency purposes.

According to a recent report by the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA), “The Future of Food Processing: Trends and Challenges,” nearly all companies surveyed reported difficulty finding qualified employees, with the highest percentage being experienced production workers (68%). In addition, more than half of respondents indicated they would increase wages if they could find enough qualified workers at current salaries.

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, it can be difficult to make a profit with a single-type traditional fried snack production process. Consumers demand more variety in their snacks; they want full-bodied flavors, fun shapes, interesting textures and exciting packaging options.

To meet this demand, many companies are turning to multi-stage or continuous fried snack production equipment. For example:

Multi-stage fryers allow operators to produce a variety of products with just one vessel; some models even allow you to change from one type of product to another without stopping the process!

Continuous fryers can produce several different products at once. These pieces of equipment are ideal for mass production facilities or large snack manufacturers who need to produce large quantities of fried snacks on a regular basis.

Customized production lines can keep you ahead of the competition!

Fried snacks have become an important part of the market, especially among children. The reason behind this is their taste and health benefits. The fried snacks production line can help you enjoy the benefits of these delicious snacks in the most convenient manner!

The fried snack production line comes with different types of machines that are used to make different types of fried snacks. Each type has its own unique features, which makes it suitable for a particular type of snack. For example, if you want to make potato chips then you can opt for a chip making machine, while if you want to make nacho chips then you can go for a nacho chip making machine. In this way, you will be able to produce various types of fried snacks without any hassle!

As a small business owner, you want to create the best snacks and keep your loyal customers coming back. The fried snack industry is highly competitive for a reason; it is influenced by several strategic factors, including manufacturing capacity, production capacity, product quality, lead time, etc. With so many companies vying for a piece of the pie, it's important to look at the big picture before wrapping snacks in a fried coating. The idea of building a fried snack line may seem overwhelming, but with the help of an experienced manufacturer, consider these factors when deciding which snack line is best for you.

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