What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Extrusion?

April 29, 2021

The food processing industry has made great progress with the help of science and technology. Food extrusion technology has been widely used in the food industry. Food extrusion technology can be used to produce a variety of cuisines, such as snack foods and soybean nuggets. The emergence of food extrusion technology has made our diet richer, and has now become an indispensable processing technology in the food processing industry.

Today, although technology has provided us with a lot of convenience, technology is endless. We cannot guarantee that every new technology is perfect. The same is true for extrusion technology. Everything has two sides. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the technology?
First of all, we need to understand what extrusion technology is.

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. gives the following answer:

Food extrusion technology is a high-tech combination of mixing, stirring, crushing, heating, cooking, sterilization, puffing and molding. The main production process of extrusion technology is to mix corn, wheat, whole wheat, oats, rice and other raw materials. In the sealed cylinder with screw inside, under the condition of heating and pressurizing, it is subjected to friction and shearing force to change the structure of the raw material in a short time. Then it is cut from a certain shape of extrusion die and then cut, cooled and made into the final food.

In this process, the advantages that extrusion technology can reflect are:
1. Reduce production costs
2. High production efficiency
3. Wide range of applications
4. High output, high quality products
5. Less nutrient loss, easy to digest and absorb
6. Good taste and easy to eat

Similarly, extrusion technology also has some shortcomings, such as:
1. The abrasion of the barrel and screw edge is severe.
2. The processing cost of screw and barrel is relatively high.
3. The heat generated by the material in the barrel is small, and most of the heat must be introduced from the heater outside the barrel.

In general, the advantages of extrusion technology far outweigh the disadvantages, so more and more manufacturers have begun to use snack food production lines for processing and production. We are a professional manufacturer of snack food production lines. We have many years of infiltration research on extrusion technology. High efficiency and high production quality are the biggest advantages of our equipment. This also makes our Loyal snack food production lines sold at home and abroad.

In order to enable more customers to succeed, we are committed to the development and production of high-quality food machinery. Instant noodle production line, bean meat machine and bread crumb production line are all our hot equipment, which has received very high praise from customers. Our snack food production line is cheap and cost-effective, which can help manufacturers obtain the highest return with the least investment.

Extrusion technology has far-reaching influence in the food processing industry and has great development potential. We will follow the pace of social development and make greater contributions to the food processing industry!

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