What Are The Ingredients Of Kurkure?

April 28, 2021

The improvement of science and technology has brought tremendous changes to our lives, and the application of science and technology in the food industry can bring us great surprises. Now the food industry has undergone tremendous changes, and various kinds of food are emerging in an endless stream, such as Kurkure, puffed food, etc. These snacks have a very good taste and become one of the most popular snacks.

Kurkure has become more and more popular in the snack world. Many people who have eaten Kurkure will never forget it for a long time. It has a crispy taste and rich taste. It is popular among students and young people. Many people will compare Kurkure with cheese snacks, because their shapes and textures are similar, which makes many people crazy. So what is the raw material of Kurkure?

Although Kurkure is similar to cheese snacks, it is not made of cheese. Instead, it uses corn as the main raw material, adding some edible vegetable oils, spices, condiments, salt, sugar, milk and other raw materials. The flavors have tomato flavor, spicy flavor, pepper flavor, barbecue flavor, etc.. And each flavor has people who love them.

When making Kurkure, in addition to preparing the above raw materials, a professional Kurkure production line must be used. The Kurkure production line can give Kurkure a very high crispy taste, which cannot be achieved by ordinary equipment. Kurkure's production process is also very simple, the production line can be automated to complete production.

First of all, you only need to put all kinds of raw materials into the mixer, the mixer will evenly mix these raw materials with water. And then the conveyor will transport the mixed raw materials to the extruder. The extruder will squeeze and twist the raw materials into irregular curl shapes, and then cut these raw materials into different lengths. Next, it can transport the cut raw materials to the fryer for frying, and then transport to the seasoning bucket for seasoning after frying, so that the Kurkure is completed.

Although the production process of Kurkure has many steps, it is not a difficult task for manufacturers. Manufacturers only need to prepare high-quality raw materials, and the Kurkure production line will fully resolve the remaining tasks.

The Kurkure production line is the best equipment for the production of Kurkure. The production line has a highly automated production method. Production can be completed even without production experience. The labor demand is very low, which can greatly reduce labor costs. The most important thing is that the Kurkure produced with high quality, customers who have used this production line have reported that the Kurkure produced has been widely recognized by the public and is very popular in the market.

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Kurkure's raw material is mainly corn flour, which has a rich taste and a variety of flavors. It has been liked by many people. Everyone can try it. I believe you will also like it!

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