What foods are bad for cows?

May 21, 2021

Cattle breeding is of great significance to us. The beef, milk and cowhide we need every day come from the animal husbandry industry. The improvement of the economic level makes our demand for cattle higher and higher, so the cattle breeding There are more and more merchants. In animal husbandry, cattle can be said to be a relatively easy animal to raise. They are less ill and do not need special care. Relatively speaking, the choice of feed is more worrying. As long as the right food is fed, the cattle can grow quickly and healthily. .

Cattle’s diet is divided into concentrated feed and rough feed. Many farmers choose to make their own cattle feed in order to reduce costs. However, there are many precautions in the process of making cattle feed. Some foods cannot be given to cattle, otherwise they will only be given. Cattle bring harm, do you know what kind of food it is?

Raw legume feed
Although some extruded soybean meal is added to the cattle feed to supplement protein, the soybean meal is processed at high temperature during processing, and the raw soybean feed contains anti-trypsin and other anti-nutritional factors, which will not only affect digestion after the cattle eat it. Diarrhea may also occur due to absorption and diarrhea. Therefore, legume feed must be treated with high temperature before being fed to cattle.

Moldy feed
During the autumn harvest, many areas were in a continuous rainy state, and corn, corn stalks, soybean stalks and peanut seedlings all showed varying degrees of mildew. Some farmers think that feeding a small amount of mildewed feed to the cattle will not have a bad effect on the cattle. In fact, this is very wrong. As long as the feed is mildewed, it cannot be fed to the cattle. Otherwise, it will be very easy to make the cattle sick. Even life-threatening, resulting in huge economic losses.

Stirring Sweet Potato Seedlings
Fresh sweet potato seedlings are indeed a good green fodder for cattle, but they must not be fed to cattle with wilted sweet potato seedlings. Because the fiber of this sweet potato seedling becomes soft, the cows entangled into clumps after eating, and some are in the small intestine, and some are blocked in the large intestine. The death rate is very high if the diagnosis and treatment is not in time. There will be cows in late autumn every year. This disease occurs.

Rapeseed cake, cotton seed cake
Because the price of soybean meal is relatively high, farmers will use rapeseed cake or cottonseed cake instead to save costs, but these two contain toxins. They should be detoxified by fermentation and blisters before feeding them. 
The above four feeds are foods that farmers often mistakenly feed cattle. When feeding cattle, they must be fed scientifically. It cannot be imagined for granted, otherwise it will only bring huge economic losses.

When making cattle feed, high-quality feed production lines should be used for production. The feed production lines developed by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. are well received by domestic and foreign customers.

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If you want to get a high income by raising cattle, you must feed the cattle in a scientific way and avoid feeding them harmful substances. Choosing nutritious cattle feed can provide us with great help.

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