What Is Included In Feed Production?

April 25, 2021

Feed is an indispensable existence when raising animals. For animals such as cattle and sheep, there may be no good place but no feed and water. High-quality feed will effectively promote the healthy growth of animals. So animals can enhance their body's resistance and reduce illness while ensuring balanced nutrition.

There are many types of feeds on the market. And the quality is also uneven. Good animal feeds are made by regular manufacturers using feed production lines. The entire production process has very strict production standards. And the animal feeds produced are of high quality. Its specific production process includes the following links:

Storage And Selection Of Raw Materials
In order to ensure the normal use of raw materials and fluctuations in the price of raw materials. Many factories will carry out appropriate storage. In order to ensure the quality of feed output, factories usually cooperate with fixed raw materials and choose the highest quality raw materials for production. These raw materials include corn, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, rapeseed meal, fish meal, blood and bone meal, and trace elements such as phosphorus, calcium and amino acids.

Raw material weighing
This link is very important and must be very careful. Because even a small error will have a great impact on the growth of animals in the future. So it is very necessary to use a professional feed production line.

Raw material grinding
After weighing, these raw materials need to be crushed. Using the crusher in the feed production line can achieve a multiplier effect. The thickness of the feed during grinding needs to be determined according to different animals. For example, the feed for cattle, sheep and pigs will be a bit coarser. And the feed for poultry such as chickens, ducks and geese needs to be more refined.

Raw material mixing and molding
Use a blender to mix the ground raw materials together. And then transport them to the extruder through a conveyor. The mixed raw materials are shaped and cut into sizes suitable for different animals.

Whether it is meal or pellets, the prepared feed is usually packed in sacks. The packaging machine can be used to achieve fast and efficient packaging. And this packaging method is also very easy to store and transport.

The above are all the links in the feed production process. The professional feed production line will give full play to its great advantages. The manufacturer will also provide high-quality feed formulas. So the factory can produce the feed that best meets the market needs.And the entire production line occupies an area Small size, high production efficiency, real high quality and low price. It is the high-quality equipment needed in the market at the moment.

If you want to enter the animal feed industry, choosing high-quality equipment is the key. Good equipment will give you the best advantage. The production process of feed is as described above. Although the process is not complicated but relatively rigorous. Only by heart can we make the most suitable feed for animals!

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