Why is maize so important to the world?

August 17, 2021

Corn is known as one of the three main foods. Corn is an important food crop and an important source of feed, and is also a total output of food crops worldwide.

Why is maize so important to the world?

Corn is the most suitable variety of three major food crops as industrial raw materials, and also the highest processing level of food crops. The maize processing industry is characterized by large processing space, industry chain length, extremely rich products, including starch, starch sugar, denaturation starch, alcohol, enzyme preparation, condiment, medicinal, chemical and other eight series.

Therefore, industrial corn consumption is a chain Yang industry in the corn industry. It is the fastest growing part of corn total consumption, and corn processing has been widely used in the fields of food, medicine, chemical, is in a high-speed growth period, and future demand prospects are optimistic. As China's corn processing industry is deepening, the product chain continues to expand and extension, and the scale and potential of the corn deep processing industry are huge.

There are many corn practices, cornflakes, and puffed foods are made of corn processing.
So, do you know how the cornflake is produced? Today, manufacturers will choose the full automatic Corn Flake Production Line when choosing a corn flakes.

Corn flake production line is the main raw material with cornfront (or using raw materials such as oatmeal, buckwheat powder), through the extrusion of expansion, high temperature infusion, and squeezing machine of the pressure on the cornflake production line, making it very thin Frame. Unique corn dietary fiber and crispy taste, deeply loved by the elderly and children, suitable for a variety of people.

Corn sheet production line production line composition:

Mixing machine → Spiral feeder → Puffed host → vibrating screen → Air transport machine → Pressure machine → air delivery machine → cooling power machine → 5 floors oven → hoist → vibration power supply → high temperature dryer → upgrading Machine → Single roller spray line → oven → cooling conveyor

Corn is one of the most important food in the world. Today, there are about one-third of the world with corn as the main food. Including 50% of the food composition in Asians, more than 90%, Africa accounts for 25%. Latin America accounts for 40%. The protein content of corn is higher than that of rice. The fat content is higher than flour, rice and millet, including flour, rice and sorghum.

And corn drought, cold resistance, and barren. In places where wheat and rice, you can grow corn. Secondly, corn is the most important feed raw material of animal husbandry. And 65% to 70% of total corn production per year are made.

There are many advantages in corn:

1, can prevent and relieve diabetes. Because corn contain rich dietary fibers, can slow the carbohydrate, the degree of absorption of sugar. Which avoids excessive sugar to enter into the body, is very obvious.

2, From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is possible to adjust the appetite. For those who lose their vitality, indigestion, it is good to eat appetizers, promote the benefits of digestion.

3, you can diuretic and swollen, people who are unfavorable, ascites, edema, properly eaten corn has good diuretical benefits. "

Corn not only becomes crop that determines human fate not only in the future. In reality, corn has become an important crop affecting human social development. At present, the world's annual yield is more than 1 billion tons. Exceeds the rice in which "Half the world's half of the population" is not 500 million tons per year.

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