A brief introduction of frying cheetah extruder

October 19, 2021

Cheetah is a well-known puffed food in the United States. There are many people who like to eat. It tastes very crispy and has a mellow taste. It is very popular with consumers and has always had a very high sales volume in the snack food market.

Cheetos is mainly made by mixing corn and water after heating and other processes, and is pressed by professional molds. There are usually two types: fried and dried. In order to be able to produce the highest quality Cheetos on the market, we purchased a new type of machine on the market-Fried Cheetos Extruder Machine, and found that this machine has many outstanding advantages during the course of use.

What are the advantages of Frying Cheetos extruder?

  1. It is made of 304 stainless steel, which is reliable in quality, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a long use time.
  2. High degree of automation and very high production efficiency. High productivity means a broader market.
  3. The performance is stable during the production process, which can realize long-term operation and processing.
  4. A variety of snack foods can be processed and produced, and the foods produced are of very high quality.
  5. The equipment adopts PLC control system, the operation becomes very simple, and workers can operate by hand after simple training.

 After using this equipment, our production efficiency has been significantly improved, and the production is more convenient and faster. Moreover, the fried Cheetos extruder can be used in combination with a variety of equipment. The modular structure system makes the combined installation extremely Convenient, when combined with mixers, screw conveyors, elevators, separating drums, continuous fryer, vibrating de-oiling machines, seasoning lines, cooling lines, packaging machines and other equipment, it can fully automate the production of snack foods such as Cheetos .

The specific role of each device:

  1. Mixer: Mix corn and other raw materials evenly.
  2. Screw conveyor: The mixed raw materials are conveyed to the extruder by means of multi-angle conveying.
  3. Extruder: Extrude the raw materials to form a crispy mouthfeel and retain most of the nutrients.
  4. Hoist: convey the extruded Cheetosto the separating drum.
  5. Separation roller: This equipment can disperse the Cheetosand prevent them from sticking together. After the dispersion, the Cheetoswill have higher quality.
  6. Continuous fryer: Deep-fry the prepared Cheetos. After frying, the taste will be more crispy and the color will become more golden.
  7. Vibration deoiler: Quickly remove excess oil on the surface of Cheetosthrough high-speed vibration to avoid greasy taste.
  8. Seasoning line: by adding different seasonings to the equipment, Cheetoscan be made into different flavors.
  9. Cooling line: Cool Cheetosto prevent softening after packaging and reduce quality.
  10. Packaging machine: Cheetoshas completed the fully automated packaging production.

In the entire production process, Fried Cheetos Extruder Machine plays a very important role. The equipment uses very advanced extrusion technology to extrude the raw materials under high temperature and high pressure. This technology produces a lot of It has a very rich taste, and it can also produce kurkure and other foods. It only needs to change the mold to change the shape of the food, which is very versatile.

Cheetos fried food extruder has obvious advantages and remarkable performance, which can help us effectively improve production efficiency and production quality. With the help of this equipment, our company has further expanded the market and gained a very good reputation in the industry.

After unremitting efforts, the manufacturer has effectively controlled the production cost of the fried Cheetos extruder. So we can give the majority of manufacturers the most favorable price. We have obtained the most cost-effective equipment at the lowest price. This time we cooperated with the manufacturer. very happy!

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