How to choose the right pet food?

October 19, 2021

There are many types of pets, and pet food is naturally also a wide variety. Nowadays, pet staple foods can achieve comprehensive and relatively balanced nutrients. The Pet Food Production Line can produce a variety of high-quality pet foods for sale in the market. Pet foods have a wide range of patterns and tastes, and the materials used are also different. Almost every brand has its own unique products.

Nowadays, there are a dazzling array of pet food on the market, and the quality is also uneven. In the face of all kinds of pet food, how should we choose the right pet food? Friends who are interested, let me continue to look down.

How to choose pet food:

  1. First of all, check whether there are product name, factory address, factory name, ingredient list, ingredient list, shelf life and other information on the product packaging. Generally, those with these signs are produced by regular manufacturers, and the quality is generally guaranteed.
  2. In the ingredients of pet food, according to the convention, the higher the ranking, the more ingredients. Many people think that more meat is good. In fact, this statement is not necessarily true. For example, adult dogs require low protein, so meat does not need to be the first ingredient. Older dogs and some obese dogs should reduce their meat intake.
  3. Don't choose too cheap feed. In order to save cost, cheap feed uses more meat and bone meal and by-products in the manufacturing process. The raw materials used are relatively cheap, and the quality of the finished product is naturally not good. So when choosing, try to When buying pet food at a moderate or higher price, you must not buy fakes for the sake of a small bargain.
  4. Check whether the preservatives in the product are natural or artificial. Natural preservatives include mixed birth tinctures, vitamin C and E, which are healthier than chemical preservatives.
  5. Look at the cereal ingredients. Corn is not easy to digest. If there are too many corn ingredients in the ingredients, you can consider other brands. Rice is easier to digest. You can choose pet food with more rice.
  6. Don't choose those online celebrity products on the market. Such foods are basically good, but they have no effect. On the contrary, they are not as healthy, safe and nutritious as ordinary pet food.
  7. If you want to change other types of food for pets, you should take your time. First, mix one-third of the new product with two-thirds of the old product, and then increase the proportion of the new product every day until it is completely replaced. This can avoid unnecessary gastrointestinal discomfort.
  8. Store pet food after buying it back. It should not be placed in a sultry and hot place. It should be placed in a cool and dry place. In addition to proper nutrition, be sure to provide pets with fresh drinking water, proper exercise and full-hearted care throughout the day.

In general, the purpose of selecting pet food is to supplement them with nutrition and ensure their healthy growth. Therefore, the selected pet food should have the characteristics of comprehensive nutrition, easy digestion, and good palatability. Specifically, when choosing pet staple food, you should ensure that the main nutrients are sufficient, such as sugar, protein, oil, etc., and when choosing pet nutrition, you should focus on the lack of nutrients in the animal's body.

The above is an introduction to the method of selecting pet food. Pet food on the market can be produced through the Pet Food Production Line. Faced with the pet food on the market, you can learn from the methods mentioned in this article when choosing pet food. Everyone can choose a good product.

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