High Quality And Large Capacity Biscuit Making Machine

March 27, 2023

1.Description Of Biscuit Making Machine

Biscuit Making Machinery is composed of biscuit forming machine, tunnel-type hot air circulation electric oven, fuel injection machine, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, biscuit sandwiching machine, packaging table, etc. Biscuit Making Machine adopts compact structure, high degree of automation, from feeding, three-stage pressing, forming, sugar screening, conveying, waste, and recycling.

All mechanical integration such as baking, fuel injection and cooling are completed automatically. Hot sale biscuit production line is novel in design, compact in structure, and highly automated. From feeding to calendering, forming, waste recycling, drying, oil spraying, and cooling, it can be completed in one go.

2.Specification Of Biscuit Making Machine

Model LY225 LY280 LY400 LY600 LY800
Installed Capacity 28.5KW 55KW 110KW 220kw
(gas type 25kw)
Heating Source Electrical Electrical Electrical, Gas Electrical,Gas Electrical, Gas
Baking temperature 200-300ºC 200-300ºC 200-300ºC 200-300ºC 200-300ºC
Production capacity 50~60Kg/h 100kg/h 150-200Kg/h 400-500kg/h 600-900kg/h
Production line length 21000mm 30000mm 43000mm 60000mm customize

3.Production Process Of Biscuit Making Machine

Biscuit Forming Machine--Tunnel Hot Air Circulation Electric Oven--Oil Spraying Machine--Turning Machine--Cooling Line--Biscuit Finishing Machine--Biscuit Sandwiching Machine--Packaging Machine

Flour, Auxiliary Materials--Dough Preparation--Tabletting-Rolling Forming-Baking--Oil Spraying Machine--Cooling-Finished Product

4.Features Of Biscuit Making Machine

  • .According to the needs of users, we can produce wafers of different sizes and different shades of patterns
  • .Made various shapes of wafers according to the needs of users, such as: spherical, square, bar, etc.
  • .The wafer can be transported to the chocolate coating machine through the cake divider to make chocolate wafers.
  • .Fully automatic production process.

5.Application Of Biscuit Making Machine

Cream biscuit, layer biscuit, soda cracker, calcium biscuit, multi-vitamin biscuit, vegetable biscuit, etc.

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