Large Capacity Doritos Production Line

March 25, 2023

1.Description Of Large Capacity Doritos Production Line

Doritos chips making machine adopts second level drive and easy operation characteristics.
Dorito machine can take corn powder, corn starch, potato starch, cassava starch, wheat flour and other high starch materials as main materials(which was easy to be find anyway) After be extruded, compounded into triangle, round, square shapes. After fried and flavored, the final doritos will be crispy and tasty like the brand in the market, doritos and tortilla. Our Company's dorito shape machine is using new roller pressing method which forms nice shapes and no wastage during the process. Beside, Fried triangle chips consumes less oil than other fried snacks, it could save up to 30% of oil. So this processing line can maximumly lower the production cost.

2.Flow ChartOf Large Capacity Doritos Production Line

Mixer--Double Screw Machine--Shaping Machine--Cooler--Fryer/Baking Machine--Flavoring Line

The Doritos are kinds of snacks made from corn powder, which are extruded, cutted and then fried or baked. The main raw materials are com powder,water, vegetable oil and salt. Although usually made of yellow corn, they can also be made of white or red corm or wheat flour. After frying and favoring. we get very crunchytriangle or other shapes chips which are popular with both children and adult.

3.Details Of Large CapacityDoritos Production Line

All machines are made of food-grade stainless steel and the conveying lift is also made of food-grade PVC. The entire production line is made of safe and harmless materials selected by our technical procurement staff after careful selection. The internal accessories are all made of well-known domestic brands and are of high quality.

4.SpecificationOf Large Capacity Doritos Production Line

No. Machine Function
1 Mixer Mix the cornflour with water to prepare the flour for the Doritos.
2 Double Screw Machine Compression and friction generate a lot of heat, and the rotating mold twists and rolls the flour before extrusion, forming an irregular shape.
3 Shaping Machine Forming Doritos in different shapes according to the mould.
4 Cooler Doritos for cooling and removing moisture
5 Fryer/Baking Machine Reheat and continue to fry or bake evenly for crispness and flavour.
6 Flavoring Line Add the desired seasoning to give it a different flavour.

5.Application Of Large Capacity Doritos Production Line

Doritos production line is widely used in the food industry, rice flour, corn flour or four materials or a mixture of these materials. By changing molds and molding and cutting machines, you can change the shape: strip, corrugated square, rhomboid, wavy, pillow and angular, producing Doritos, lilac and sharp edge potato chips with crisp and non-greasy taste.

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