How Much Should I Sell Homemade Cookies For?

April 23, 2021

If you can treat your hobby as your career, it would be a very happy thing. In fact, it is not difficult to achieve. Many people love baking very much. You can gain a sense of accomplishment by making various pastries by yourself. If you sell these biscuits to others, you will gain a sense of pride.

So now many people choose to make their own cookies at home and then sell them. This kind of life seems very happy. But many friends who have just entered this industry are very hesitant to price cookies. How much is the right price?

Regarding the price of the biscuits that you make at home, you need to consider many aspects.

Calculate The Cost Of Raw Materials
First you need to list all the ingredients used in making the cookies and calculate the cost of each type of cookie, as well as the depreciation of the cookie equipment. Divide the total price of all ingredients by the number of cookies that can be made to get the cost of ingredients per cookie.

Calculate Labor Costs
Labor cost is a very huge expense. Especially when it comes to some cookies that need to be decorated, the time cost paid has risen sharply. Therefore, when calculating labor costs, it is best to achieve uniformity in the production of cookies. For example, specify the time for preparing the dough, the time for baking, and the time for decoration.

After determining the specific time, start the detailed calculation. You can calculate the labor cost by dividing the hourly rate by 60 minutes to get the labor cost per minute. Then multiplying the labor cost per minute by the specific time it takes to make the cookies, and dividing by the number of cookies you can make in that time. You can calculate the specific labor cost per cookie.

Raw material and labor cost is the specific cost of each cookie, but this is far from enough. There are some other costs, such as packaging costs, housing rental fees, garbage disposal, etc. You can evenly spread these costs to each cookie. In this way, the specific production cost of each cookie can be obtained.

After calculating the cost of the biscuit, you can set the price, so that you can ensure that the price you set will not make you lose money. You can decide how much money you make for each cookie. Based on the local salary level, you can work out the most reasonable price.
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