How to easily handle the production of pet food?

October 14, 2021

The improvement of the economic level and the acceleration of the social rhythm have caused more and more people to start keeping some pets. Pets such as kittens and puppies can bring us a happy experience and add a lot of color to our boring life.

At the same time, the pet food industry has entered a stage of rapid development, and competition has become increasingly fierce. As a pet food manufacturer with many years of experience, in order to gain access to more markets, we finally decided to upgrade our equipment. After market investigation, we purchased and used the Pet Food Production Line, which made our production qualitatively leap.

What are the advantages of the pet food production line?

  1. All equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel, with reliable quality and long service life.
  2. It has a fully automated production method with high production efficiency and can meet strict production requirements.
  3. The raw material composition is flexible, suitable for a variety of raw materials, and can produce pet foods of various colors and shapes.
  4. The automatic control system can ensure that the pet food produced has a stable quality.
  5. Advanced extrusion technology can ensure that the pet food produced is nutritious.

The pet food production line has a very significant advantage, which has brought very big changes to our processing and production. The most significant is that the production efficiency has been effectively improved, and the quality of the pet food produced is also very stable. We can use high High-quality products meet more orders.

The pet food production line is composed of a mixer, a screw conveyor, an extruder, a dryer, a spraying machine, a cooler, a packaging machine and other equipment. It can realize continuous 24h processing and production. The operation is also very simple. You only need to set up in advance. Just set the program, the entire production line only needs 1-2 people to complete the production, and the production and processing of pet food can be easily done.

Manufacturers have also developed a variety of different models for us to choose from, whether large enterprises or small businesses can purchase the most suitable equipment.

Different models and specifications of pet food production line:

Model Voltage Power Output Labor required Size
11 220V/380V 40kw 70-120kg/h 1-2人 1.6*0.9*1.4m
12 220V/380V 80kw 130-180kg/h 1-2人 1.7*1.0*1.5m
13 220V/380V 120kw 160-220kg/h 1-2人 1.8*1.1*1.6m
14 220V/380V 200kw 250-320kg/h 1-2人 1.9*1.2*1.7m
15 220V/380V 280kw 350-400kg/h 1-2人 2.0*1.3*1.8m

The purchase method of this production line is very flexible. If the manufacturer’s existing model is not suitable for you, the manufacturer can also customize it. Of course, you can buy the entire production line, or you can buy the equipment that you think is of good quality, including molds and the like. Can be customized, manufacturers can solve all our needs and increase our very pleasant shopping experience.

When using the pet food production line, we have reached a long-term cooperative relationship with the manufacturer, because we have harvested very high equipment, easily solved the previous production problems, and the manufacturer also provided us with a lot of high-quality services to guide us to install and use Wait, let our production become very simple and efficient.

Even if the manufacturer also provides us with very high-quality pet food formulas, which gives us more say in the market, we also look forward to the help of the manufacturer, our company can become a top-tier enterprise.

A small part of the pet food industry is developing in the future. I believe that after using the pet food line, we can create a perfect brilliance!

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