How do you start a biscuit factory?

June 9, 2021

By adding different auxiliary materials. Biscuits can be divided into two categories. Tough biscuits and crisp biscuits . According to different recipes and processes. Among them, crisp biscuits are popular among the elderly. And tough biscuits are popular among young people. Since ancient times. Everyone's love for dim sum has never changed. Ancient people like to eat pastries. We now like snack biscuits. Biscuits can also be called modern pastries. For this reason. The biscuit industry can be described as an unfailing food industry. 
The biscuit manufacturing plant is undoubtedly a profitable business. And if you don’t have a lot of capital. You can start from a small-scale business. So, how do you start a biscuit factory?

  1. Find out the laws governing food sales in your area. Go to the local industry . And commerce department for pre-approval of the company name. Then go to the quality supervision department to apply for the organization code certificate attached code. And then go to the local quality supervision department. In oder to apply for the production license. Apply for the business license . Code certificate. Tax registration certificate. Food circulation permit.
  2. Have food raw material processing. And food processing. Packaging . Storage and other places suitable for the variety. And quantity of food produced . And operated. Keep the environment of the place clean . And keep a prescribed distance from toxic . Harmful places. Other sources of pollution.
  3. Have full-time or part-time food safety professional and technical personnel. Food safety management personnel. And rules and regulations to ensure food safety.
  4. It has a reasonable Biscuit Production Line equipment layout . And process flow to prevent cross-contamination of food to be processed . And directly imported food. Raw materials and finished products And avoid food contact with toxic . And unclean substances.
  5. Containers. Tools . And equipment for storing . Transporting . And loading . And unloading food should be safe. Harmless. Kept clean. Prevent food contamination. And meet special requirements such as temperature . And humidity required to ensure food safety. Food should not be combined with toxic or harmful substances. Store and transport together.
    6. Any utensils . And disinfectants used in food processing should be safe . And harmless to the human body.

When all the conditions are met. You can make . And sell biscuits reasonably.

Of course. The most important step in starting the biscuit business is to choose a suitable. And efficient Biscuit Production Line. An efficient, convenient . And easy-to-operate fully automatic biscuit production line can help you obtain higher benefits.

We have 15 years of history in food machinery. The Biscuit Production Line developed by 22 experienced engineers has a novel design. Compact structure. And a high degree of automation. From feeding calendering. Molding. Waste recycling. Drying. Oil injection. And cooling once . Provide users with hundreds of molds and dozens of process recipes.

Biscuit Production Line is an automatic production of high-quality soft . And hard biscuits from raw material mixing . In order to finished product. Our biscuit production line can produce soft biscuit. Hard biscuit. Butter biscuit. Sandwich biscuit. Soda biscuit. Animal biscuit. Vegetable biscuit. Biscuits etc. The biscuit production line is designed . According to the different requirements of customers. Such as stepless speed regulation. Speed . Automatic temperature control. Automatic power-off alarm, etc. The heating type in the biscuit oven of the maker can be gas. Electricity, etc.

The 2021 ranking of high-quality food machinery technical articles pointed out that the new Biscuit Production Line. It has changed the way of traditional handmade cookies. The entire operation is mechanized. Saving a lot of labor. Improving efficiency. And ensuring food hygiene. Choosing equipment with stable performance. From raw material mixing. Molding to baking can provide customers with a full set of configurations. Saving customers time. In the early stage of the biscuit business. I suggest that you don’t make too many biscuits at one time. And start to be proficient in the operation process . And factory operation. A good biscuit equipment will definitely produce high-quality food. It can be customized by placing an order first . And then ordering.

So that there will be no inventory problems . And also ensure the freshness . And hygiene of the biscuits!

Biscuits are ubiquitous in our daily lives. And there are many types. Both children and adults like to eat them as snacks. They can also add calories in a short time . And improve the body’s immune system. They are a good choice for high school students to add meals. With local innovation. And transformation. I believe you will be able to produce biscuit foods that are popular with consumers!

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